Month: July 2019

A Lesson

The bitch had it coming. All she is good for is sex. And she needs to know that. Her opinions don’t matter. Her needs don’t matter. She is a slut to be used for fucking. A piece of fuckmeat. Cunt spread open, legs in the air, in and out, in and out! Balls slapping against …


Their touch is unfelt, their presence is unseen, their caress pierces the soul. Humans are terrified of them. I welcome them. I welcome their unfelt and unseen presence. I welcome their caress. I have no soul to pierce. I am dead inside without them. Frozen. Human touch is felt. Human presence is seen. Human caress …

Safety in Colors

A brush on my skin, cold wetness of fresh body paint, fading. A cover without a cover. Another caressing stroke. Colors turning into feelings. Sad blue. Fresh green of hope and dark green of envy, never too far apart. Vigilante red. Bruising purple. Enticing pink. Armor gray. Naked but not exposed. Safety in colors.