About me

Hi! Apparently as a kinkster I am closest to a master/daddy dom type. Who knew. Over five decades on this earth and only recently I have figured it out. Among many other things about myself. Some pretty cool, others kind of sad. Oh, my partner also told me I am a sadist. Which made me a bit uncomfortable at first. After all, sadists like to hurt people! Well, I do, too. Huh. It’s a special feeling when your sub twitches and squirms and yelps and screams in pain, eventually turning into pleasure. At which point she can take more pain, of course. Ahh, sweet pain. But I digress. I mostly enjoy control, as well as taking care of my partner (whom I nicknamed Puppet at the beginning of our relationship, a term she grabbed onto and ran with), physically, emotionally, sometimes intellectually. And by intellectually I also mean an occasional mindfuck. Because, well, sadist. She is smart though, so it is not all that easy.

I have started this blog because my partner is a writer, an author, and she encouraged me to get involved in writing something erotic and kinky. We’ll see how it goes. After all, she is a sucker for words put together well, and in the beginning of our initially long-distance relationship, long before it turned romantic/sexual, all we had was words, and she apparently liked mine well enough to get hooked. Silly girl.