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A Lesson

The bitch had it coming. All she is good for is sex. And she needs to know that. Her opinions don’t matter. Her needs don’t matter. She is a slut to be used for fucking. A piece of fuckmeat. Cunt spread open, legs in the air, in and out, in and out! Balls slapping against her ass. Not allowed to come, because her needs don’t matter. Or forced to come when she can’t anymore, just because I feel like making her suffer in different ways. Not allowed to move her hips. She tries anyway. So the bitch gets told to freeze. To remember what she is, what she is good for and what she is being used as. Fucking cunt.

She moans. The fuck does she moan without permission. So the cock out of her cunt and forced into her mouth, to shut her the fuck up. She hates tasting her own cunt juices, which makes it twice as fun. Nice to watch her choke on her own cum forced down her throat. Shove it deep into her throat. Force her eyes open and give her a look full of contempt and disgust. Hold it there. Watch the tears coming out of her eyes as she tries to take a breath around my cock. Silly thing. Hold it there. Hold it… A bit longer. Watch the panic in her eyes as she starts feeling faint from the lack of oxygen. Not yet. A few more seconds… Ignore her futile thrashing. Now.

I take my cock out of her mouth, slap her face and remind her again what she is and what she is supposed to do. Or not to do. Then shove it into her wet cunt. With her cum mixed with her saliva on it, I can push it all the way in without any resistance. The tip hits her cervix and she yelps. I slap her again. The fuck she makes sounds without permission. She flinches. Fucking bitch never learns, she needs another lesson. I fuck her hard a few more times while pinning her down, then take it out and shove it in her mouth again. Fuckmeat shouldn’t yelp and shouldn’t flinch. Unless told to. Another lesson is due. Make her choke while looking into her wet eyes and reminding her what is expected of her: obedience and complete and utter submission. Wet eyes are good. Sometimes even better than a wet cunt. Crying and choking, gotta be a good lesson.

Of course I could have immobilized her. Spread her open, tied her down, gagged her and taped her mouth. That would be dominance, of course. But the restraints would be in a wrong place, outside her, not inside. True submission comes from inside, instant obedience, need to comply, to please, to be nothing but what Master tells her to be. She is nothing but a sex toy. In this moment, she lives to please me. Nothing else matters.

The fucking insolent cunt actually smiled. With my cock deep inside her throat. There was a hint of a smile through the tears washing her makeup down her cheeks That just would not do. I pulled out. She kept gagging, and still smiling.

“My cock is too good for you, bitch, you don’t deserve it!” I stood up and kicked her legs apart with my feet. Her cunt was dripping and smelling of sex, slick and slippery. Excellent. I rammed my foot inside it. She screamed and tried to crawl away. I stepped on her thigh to put an end to that. She finally stopped smiling, still flopping like a fish, and smelling like one, too. I rammed my foot inside her cunt again. Sweet sweet screams, then moans. Hah! I got all my toes in, all the way to instep. She stilled. There.

I wiggled my toes inside her. “Master…” she breathed out. Excellent. She finally was where she belongs. “What are you, cunt?” “I am your property, Master, to do as you please, to fuck, to hurt, to humiliate, to degrade, to use however you wish, or not at all” “Better. Took you long enough, fuckmeat.” I wiggled my toes inside her again, the nail of my big toe brushing against her cervix. Normally she would squirm, fight and swear, but in this state she could only muster “Thank you, Master for playing with me.”

“Come, slut!” I rammed my foot inside her again and it went all the way deep into her. She screamed, convulsed and sprayed my foot with her squirt. I pushed my foot deeper and squeezed her cervix between my toes. “Again!” A stream of her juices reached almost all the way to my knee as she writhed, helpless and obedient.

“Look what a mess you have made, fucktoy! Did I tell you to squirt? Did I?” “No, Master, I’m sorry, Master, I couldn’t hold it in any longer, Master!”

“Well then, how do you propose to clean it up then?” “I… I don’t know, Master.” “You don’t know? Let me teach you!” I took my foot out of her cunt and stepped on her clit. Another thank you from her. Good. One step, and I had my foot, dripping in her cunt juices inside her mouth. She tried to gasp, but couldn’t, her mouth filled. “Lick it, bitch!” She tried to mumble something, and I felt her tongue moving against the sole of my foot. I let her lick it for a few seconds, then took my foot out, to let her gag, and pushed it inside her cunt again. “Come, slut!” She instantly stopped gagging and coughing and screamed. Another fountain. A slut, indeed.

Once more, into her mouth. And into her cunt. And again. Not giving her a breather. She was so deep in subspace, she only blabbered incoherently, alternating between gagging and screaming. Once more. I could see her getting exhausted, barely whimpering, but still obeying. No choice there.

I stopped. “Good girl! See, obedience pays.” I didn’t mention that insolence pays, as well, and even more handsomely, and she is smart enough to draw the same conclusion, but have to keep up the appearances, don’t we? I helped her sit up, her eyes half-closed and unable to focus. I hugged her, gave her a kiss, tasting her sweet mouth: cum, saliva and all, and reached for a bottle of water. “Drink, little one, you need it.” I wrapped a blanket around her, while she was sipping the content with a straw, and sat her teddy into her lap. She hugged it, and I hugged her. “Now, have a nap, you did well!” She was asleep on my chest within seconds, a satisfied smile on her face.

I gently brushed her hair. I am one lucky son of a bitch.

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      Thank you for the compliment, May! Much appreciated. Also, are there any wrong places to squirm in? 🙂

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