Deep Inside

Content Warning: an erotic hypnosis session. If you are a talented hypnotic subject, you might feel more than you bargained for. The audio version of this post is after the text.

Hi! Welcome to my corner of the universe.

Have a seat, we will chill for a bit. Make yourself comfortable. Yes, I mean it. You, the reader.

Take a moment to relax. Notice any tension in your body, as you are reading this. Your face, let the tense muscles relax. The forehead, the cheeks, the clenched jaw, let it all relax, more and more. Take that moment…

Good! Well done! See how much nicer it is now? Now, take a deep slow breath… hold… exhale. Let the tension drain out of your body with every breath.

In… hold… out… Relaxing…

And again… In… hold… out… More and more relaxed with every deep breath.

Excellent work! Slow relaxing breathing feels so nice. Notice how relaxed your face is. Notice the skin smoothing out, getting a bit warmer, too. Now your neck, and your shoulders. As you breath deep, in… hold… out… your shoulders and your neck are relaxing, too.

The wave of warm and pleasant relaxation is slowly spreading from the top of your head, through your face, your cheeks, your lips, down to your neck and shoulders, down further and further into your arms and hands.

Your face is now relaxed, and so is your neck, your shoulders, your arms and hands, and now your chest and your back muscles.

Breathe in… hold… breathe out… Let the warmth spread through you, from the top of your head, down through your face, your neck, your shoulders, your arms and hands, your chest and back, more and more, down and down further, relaxing your tummy, your hips and thighs, nice, warm and pleasant.

Breathe in… hold… breathe out… Good!

You are very relaxed now, even your legs and feet are warming up, as the wave of warm relaxation reaches all the way down, from the top of your head, all through your body, down through arms, your back, your tummy, your hips and thighs, your legs, all the way to the tips of your hands and toes… All pleasantly warm and relaxed… All the tension drained from your body completely, what a nice feeling. Your arms are warm and heavy, and as you breathe deep… in… out… they feel so relaxed and heavy, so hard to raise, or even lift.

Heavier and heavier with every breath, even tingly a bit, so heavy, you notice them stuck to where they are. You are unable to lift them, so relaxed and heavy your arms are. Try it now, notice how stuck they are, not lifting at all, in your current state of total relaxation. Your arms are stuck to the chair, as you breathe in and out, deeply and slowly. Not even your fingers can move now, completely immobilized.

And now, as you keep your deep slow breathing, going deeper and deeper into this pleasant relaxing trance, you notice your arms getting lighter and lighter… weighing almost nothing… and now nothing at all, lighter than air, floating, slowly floating up… and up… higher…

And now relaxing down again, gently drifting down, warm and heavy. And a little tingly. It’s a pleasant tingle, that of anticipation, you are familiar with it. It spreads through your body in waves, from the tips of your fingers, through your hands, down through your body, down between your legs, focusing on that special point, one wave of hot tingly pleasure after another… And another… exciting you more and more… building the tension down there higher and higher…

Wave after wave of hot tingly pleasure through your skin, and deeper down, building and building… Demanding release… Yet the waves are relentless, getting you more and more aroused, more sensitive, hypersensitive now, as you are aware of even the lightest contact with your skin, and how each touch of the fabric excites you more and more, the waves of pleasure taking over your body, taking control of it, as you watch the pleasure building up, and up… higher and higher… You are lost in the sensations now, out of control, helplessly waiting for the release you crave.

Your skin is hot, moist and tingly, as wave after wave carry you higher and higher… more and more… unable to resist… until finally…

Your body takes what it needs, as another wave of pleasure gets you over the top, and you come, again and again, wave after wave… after wave…

You are spent now, relaxed and happy in the inner glow, as your control of your body is returning, you can lift your arms again, slowly at first, and soon back to normal, still relaxed, happy with the warm pleasant feeling still lingering inside your body and mind. Take your time to enjoy this moment, and feel the positive energy filling you, as you smile and stretch, ready to face the world.

Well done! You have been wonderful! Hope you can keep this smile and this inner peace for awhile now.

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