Ever fucked a fairy? A flirty little vixen, flapping and fluttering her naughty pink wings, fffrrrhhh-ffrrrhhh. Her arousal smelling like strawberries and tasting like passion fruit. Tickle the pinkie between her little legs with your pinkie. Watch her wings match your rhythm. Soon her eyes roll back and the flutter becomes buzzing, and then suddenly go still. There will be a few drops of fairy cum dew on your finger. Slowly raise it to your nose and inhale. Let the aroma envelop your mind. Then touch it with your tongue. Let the taste take over your mouth. And for a fleeting moment you are a tiny creature, soaring into the sky holding a string of a red balloon, overwhelmed with happiness and love. A fairy’s parting gift. Only not to you. Too soon, you are back to your senses, barely an imprint of the experience on the cold tiles of your mind, now feeling bereft. Welcome into the ranks of fairy slaves, forfeiting your life, serving the Faerie, yearning for another chance. A futile hope. Like most hopes.

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