I stopped. There is nothing more frustrating than someone stopping just before getting you over the edge, is there? Well, yes, there is. When you are into being edged, controlled, frustrated, someone not stopping and getting you over the edge is more frustrating. Realizing that the fun is over, at least for the moment. Unless! Unless you are also into being mind-fucked. Then suddenly one kind of sweet torture becomes a totally different one. That is, sweet for me, torture for her. But not tonight. Tonight is a different kind of game.

She growled in frustration. Eyes wide, teeth bared, veins on the forehead bulging. Futile thrust of her hips up and up, trying to reach the wand less than an inch away. I am faster, though. I have to be. The wand, still vibrating at full blast, remains that one elusive inch away from her. From that one tiny clump of nerve endings that is in control of her brain now. She is trying to reach is still, nothing else exists for her now but the promise of release right… there! Only she cannot get there. Not tonight. I match her hip movements with the wand and laugh. After a minute or two, her brain is finally able to grasp the futility of it and she stops.

Ah, good, she can think now. I laugh and slap her face to put her in her place. “I’m sorry, Sir, thank you, Sir!” She is all contrite now. Funny how the obedient sub takes over once an enraged nymphomaniac steps back. “What are you thanking me for, girl?” “For playing with me, Sir!” I move the wand, still going full tilt, closer to her clit, still engorged and peeking into the outside. Her eyes go wild and the obedient sub is gone again, the desperation in her face matching the agony of her shaking body, as she tries to reach the vibrating toy. I let her. it would not do to let the hope die, would it? Her eyes roll back as she feels the build-up…

I flick the switch and the vibration stops. “No! No! No!” She is grinding against the wand, as if her sticky mons would electrify the toy by the sheer agony of her unsatiated need. We all do silly things when our desires take over and the reason takes a back seat, don’t we? Well, this girl is well past reason. “You fucker!” she turns her baleful gaze toward me. I calmly slap her face again. The monster is gone in an instant. “Oh no, oh no, I’m so sorry, Sir! I don’t know what came over me!” The apologetic submissive is back again. I do know what came over her. Her mind and body is an instrument of sorts, and, with a bit of practice, I can make it play the sweetest melody. And we’ve had a lot of practice lately.

I look down at the on switch, my expression pondering. She takes a deep breath and wiggles her body to push against the wand harder, ready to go. “What was that?” I look at her face with disapproval. “What was what?” “… Sir” she adds belatedly noticing my frown. “What was all that wiggling? Did you get my permission?” “No, Sir! I’m sorry, Sir, it’s just, I need to come so badly!” I don’ reply and keep looking at her sternly. She panics. “I am sorry for coming up with excuses! I need to learn to be a better sub! I deserve to be punished!” My frown gets deeper. “I mean, you decide if, when and how to punish me, Sir! You alone! I am so sorry for presuming, Sir!” “Yes, I do, don’t you forget it, plaything.”

I turned the wand on for a few seconds, then off again. Anger flickered in her eyes and died instantly. Another short burst of vibration. Her expression barely changed, and her body didn’t move. Her eyes were glued to mine now, blinking rapidly. Another burst of power, this time longer. Her already open mouth got wider, but her face was still now, as was her body. There. Sex trance. it takes awhile to get her there, but now she was spellbound. I turned the wand on again and left it on, pressing hard against her clit. A trickle between her parted legs betrayed the degree of her arousal, but her body and mind remained still. In this state she was incapable of disobeying, and so her arousal would build without any release, unless and until I command her. I smiled. I hadn’t decided yet if I would let her come tonight.

I was the conductor, her body was the orchestra, for the audience of two.


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