This little story was inspired by this Masturbation Monday prompt.

“I hate circles!” She sounds adamant. I stopped circling her nipple for an instant, chuckled and resumed.

“Why do you hate them, darling?” I stopped again, pinched her nipple between my thumb and index finger and pulled, waiting for an answer, slightly amused.

She wiggled her chest, daring me to do more. “They are so… hopeless. No end, no edge, no escape.”

I now had both her nipples, one in each hand, pulling and twisting at the same time. “So, what shape do you like, oh picky one?” Her breasts were stretched into almost perfect cones.

She looked down at my hands and assessed the view. “Cones feel nice!” Her voice was steady. She could take a lot of pain. “But I prefer edges. Angles. Triangles. Look!”

She jumped up, pulling her breasts from my fingers with barely a wince, stretched, and made a heart with her fingers over the slightly shaggy triangle between her hips, right in front of my face. I promptly bit her slit, burying my nose in her fragrance, closing my eyes and getting lost for a moment. She finally yelped. I guess it wasn’t just her hood between my teeth, but something a bit more tender as well. I didn’t let go though, and she eventually relaxed, slowly sinking back down onto the cushions and breathing deeply.

“Enough edges for you?” My voice was quite muffled, but she heard me.

“Mmm, sharp edges!” She arched her back, her legs spread, hips forming a right angle. I let go of her mound, spread her lips, revealing a slick nub picking out from its hiding place and grabbed a Wartenberg pinwheel from the fun box. She wiggled her hips in anticipation. A little roll on the inside of one lip, from the top down, slowly. She breathed out and stilled. Now back up along the other one, pushing stronger, dotting pink with red. A moan of delight escaped her mouth. I may never understand how some people enjoy pain, but it doesn’t stop me from dishing it out and enjoying the process.

Another dotted line, down and up. An acute angle. A rhombus. Sharp edges, sharp lines, sharper pain.

“And now, get ready, my little pain slut.” I dragged the wheel excruciatingly slowly, pressing hard, from the very top down right through the middle. A little bit more… A sharp pin poking right at the tip of her clit. She screamed and convulsed, tiny fragrant rivulets sliding down. Her jerky movement under the wheel left a thin scratch. That is going to hurt tomorrow. Which also means she will be extra horny all evening. A delicious chance for further torture opportunities. Looks like clamps, clothespins and needles will be the order of the day.


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