Master was away and I was needy. My body ached for his touch. My mind ached for his words. My heart ached from missing him. I couldn’t focus on anything, I tried distracting myself with watching TV shows, with reading, with anything I could think of, but found myself lost in the fantasies and memories, missing the dialogue on TV, or rereading the same sentence in a book over and over. I needed release, dammit! Maybe mastur… No! He said “No masturbation” while he is away, and that was that.

Wait. He didn’t say no orgasms, did he? I desperately needed a loophole. What exactly counts as masturbation? Obviously touching myself was off limits. But I had an idea. This girl can be quite resourceful when the inner fire spurs me on. Master had a knack of making me come in all kind of ways, and physical contact, while always welcome, was not absolutely required. And so I decided to cheat, just a little. I have never complained about lack of imagination, and tonight I will make it work overtime. I went to bed, where the sheets still faintly smelled of him, stretched comfortably, closed my eyes and let go. Master is always with me in my mind, after all.

“Aren’t you a naughty girl, Puppet?” His voice was disapproving but I could hear a hint of a smile in it.

“No, Master, I… I mean, yes, Master, I am a naughty girl!” In my mind, he chuckled at my reply, just like he would, were he right here.

“And what happens to naughty girls, Puppet?” Now his voice was stern and it made my skin all tingly.

“Naughty girls get punished, Master!” I offered, eagerly.

“Damn right, they do. Until they learn the lesson!” Oh my, my imagination was even better than I expected. I almost felt his breath whispering this promise into my ear. Not almost. I did feel it. He trained me well. However naughty, I was a good girl. I smiled as I felt his hand touching my nipple. Then moaned. Such a simple gesture, yet it never failed to ignite my desire. Goosebumps spread from my nipple all around my breast, my stomach and down, of course all the way down.

“Hmm, very nice!” I had imagined him appreciating the view and the response he got from my body to his touch. What would he do next? That part I knew well! The sudden pull and twist of my long suffering nipple was no less painful from its predictability. That memory and feeling was imprinted in my mind so well, I felt it and the yelp that left my lips was as real as can be. This was going well.

His other hand cupped my other breast, and squeezed, hard. The instant of his touch, the feeling of roughness of his skin on smoothness of mine was always the first thing that registered. And the squeeze itself radiated all the way to my loins.

“Loins” He laughed. Damn, this was apparently a two-way street. He was in my mind, and so he could read my mind! That was even hotter than I expected.

“Loins are for ladies in Renaissance paintings, Puppet. You have a cunt. A needy wet hungry cunt that makes you cheat on your Master’s orders.” He had a paddle in his hand and slapped me right into the wetness between my thighs. The pain stung and my now sensitive clit screamed for mercy.

“Ouch!” The hell did I get myself into? I wanted to yell at my imagination, but there was no turning back at this point.

“SLAP!” I was already gasping for breath.

“SLAP!” My cunt was burning. And, apparently was desperately trying to douse the fire. I felt a few drops slide down the opening, along my butt cheeks and onto the sheets. Oops.

“SLAP!” I couldn’t handle the pain anymore.

“Please stop! Please, it hurts!” I yelled out loud at my imaginary Master.

“Is that a safeword, naughty Puppet?” He laughed. I whimpered, not knowing what to do.

“Thought so.” The Master of my imagination raised his paddle again. I squirmed and clenched my thighs in fear and anticipation. He stopped.

“Are you ready to come, Puppet?”

“Yes, Master!” Finally we are getting somewhere. Just a moment longer.

“Should naughty girls who try to orgasm against their Master’s orders be rewarded, Puppet?”

“No, Master, but… please, Master, just once? Pretty please?”

He laughed again. “You thought you could foil me by controlling me in your imagination, silly girl. Shouldn’t you know better by now? What are you?”

“I am your sub, Master! I am a Puppet, your Puppet!”

“That’s right. And what is the most important quality in a puppet?”

“Obedience, Master!” Where was he going with this? I just needed an orgasm!

“Have you been obedient, Puppet?” His voice was serious now, and very stern. Imaginary or not, I had to reply

“No, Master! I am sorry for my disobedience, Master!”

“That’s right, you will be sorry, alright! You know what happens next, don’t you?”

Oh no! No, no, no, no, no! The real Master only rarely punished me that way, and I often could wiggle out of it by using my charms on him. But the Master in my mind saw right through me.

“On the count of 3, all feelings in your cunt and clit will go away. ”

“ONE! The sting of the paddle is fading.”

“Please, please, not that!” I begged as I notice the sensations subside.

“TWO! No more stinging.”

I whimpered in response, knowing what will happen next.

“THREE! Your vagina and clit are going numb, like they are not there at all.”

I could no longer feel anything down there. He and his mind tricks! Not even the wetness of the sheets under me, nothing.

I screamed in frustration. How much control does he have on me? This was so unfair. But deep down, I also knew that it was very fair. After all, that was the deal I eagerly agreed to. So now I could not break it not even in my mind.

I got up from the bed, with the weird feeling of numbness like from a shot of anesthetic still gripping me between my legs, grabbed my phone and wrote an angry message without thinking, telling him off for what he did to my mind.

His only reply was an emoji of uproarious laughter. And a heart. I smiled. I was a good Puppet, after all!

This post is written for Masturbation Monday Week 246.

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