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I am Tyche. Τύχη. You may know me as Fortuna. Silly humans, they take things, rename them and think they become theirs. The Romans did it with us Greek gods. Renamed us, and adopted us as their own. What grand theft, what hubris. I have a cousin who takes care of those who succumb to hubris, you may know of her, no one dared to change her name. That’s right, she is Nemesis. I can feel the shudder going through you just from her name being mentioned. Zeus help you f she has her sights set on you. She doesn’t always work fast, but she always dishes out the just deserts. There is no escape from her clutches. Not even the Romans got away with it, though it took a bit of time by your human standards. I work differently. I do not care about who deserves what. I play. If she is a hawk, I am a cat. Not that it makes a difference in the end, if you are a mouse. And face it, to us you are.

So, you are thinking of trying your luck with that girl, legs outstretched, watching the waves reflecting the chariot of Helios, aren’t you? And you are praying to me in your thoughts, hoping against hope that this time I will smile at you, and so will she. I know what will happen, I have already decided, but it’s fun to watch you hesitate, thinking back at the last time you had tried. How did that go? Ah? Exactly. But maybe this time will be different, anything is possible, right? Yes, it is! You are at my whim, and I am a fickle mistress. Did I say I have already decided? I am not above some prevarication. I might change my mind. I may already have, my little mouse. The game is on! So, what is it going to be this time?

Look at you going for it. Brave. Or stupid. Stupid, of course. The arrows of Eros, another cousin of mine, do not make anyone smarter, they rob you of the tattered remains of your free will. You are almost there. I wonder if I should ask Eros to loose an arrow into her heart, as well. What a marvelous hand-clapping idea.

You hit it off right away. You cannot believe how your luck has changed. You and she laugh and run into the oncoming waves, spraying each other with sun-sparkling droplets. You smile and hold hands, then hug and make out, touching each other under the ruffled aquamarine surface, a perfect guise.

Lovely. And just where I want you. Remember that last time? Remember what you had done? Remember I had mentioned my cousin earlier? The one whose name persisted through millennia? No? Of course not, you are too preoccupied with your mating games. And there is another thing neither of you notice. It is racing toward you, dark and menacing. The slick black triangle.

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  1. melody

    I’m more familiar with the Roman pantheon that they nicked off the Greeks and my memory gets hazy on the original Greek names. Clever and enjoyable piece, though I admit to being stumped by the black triangle reference.

    • Master's Musings

      Thank you! Yes, the Greek gods are indeed classically depicted as quite temperamental! From Cronus to Uranus to Zeus… especially Zeus 🙂 Even the most even-keeled ones, like Athena, had their emotional outbursts, one of which ended up in the destruction of Troy.

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