“Why are you late again? I told you to be here at six!”

“But I said I was busy until 6:30, and would show up at seven, and I have!”

“You are making excuses again, stop that! You are late, and it’s your own fault, accept it and stop blabbering, no one here cares that your dog ate your homework. Now, take off this lousy top, it makes your sallow skin even more unflattering. You have no sense of taste whatsoever.”

“But Claire said it compliments my eyes! And I like how it looks on me.”

“Stop hanging out with Claire already, I told you many times. She is just jealous of our relationship and tries to undermine us. Now, take it off, for fuck’s sake, are you slow or deaf?”

“Yes, sorry.”

“Oh God, not another sorry. You always apologize but can’t fix any of your screw-ups. Did you bring the condoms?”

“Sorr.. Uh. I didn’t know I was supposed to, last time I did you said that you only trust your own stash.”

“And that stopped you from trying? You are so timid, you know that? You’ve got to be more bold and self-confident. Why am I even putting up with you, I should have stayed with Cathy, she looks so much better than you. But no, I took pity on you and sacrificed my own needs. And you are not even grateful.”

“I’m grateful! Sorry I am not as good as Cathy! I will try my best. Please don’t leave me! I’ll be on time, and I will bring the condoms next time, I promise. What brand do you want me to bring?”

“You are hopeless. We have been dating for how long? And you still don’t know what I like and don’t like. Forget it. I’ll use my own. Why are you still dressed? I told you to get in bed.”

“You said to take the top off, I assumed you wanted to do the rest yourself…”

“You know what ‘assume’ means, don’t you? What are you waiting for, how many times do I have to repeat myself?”


“Man, it took you forever to come. It’s like you are frigid or something. Most women I’ve been with are way more responsive. What is wrong with you today?”

“I’m sorry, I was not in the right head space today. Couldn’t put what my boss said the other day out of my mind. I said it’s okay if I don’t have an orgasm today, but you really wanted to get me off.”

“You have to leave all this office nonsense behind when we are on a date! What kind of a girlfriend does not enjoy sex and keeps spacing out.”

“I didn’t say I did not enjoy it, I did like the sex! Sorry for spacing out.”

“Did you even have an orgasm? It felt so fake. All those exaggerated “Oh” and “Uh”. You know that faking an orgasm is basically cheating, right?”

“I would never fake an orgasm, I swear! I like it a lot when we have sex!”

“Mmm. Good. You should. Are you hungry? I’m hungry. I’ll order something and we will watch an Adam Sandler movie on Netflix.”

“Can I have a rain check? I have to get a report ready for tomorrow.”

“Figures that you’d just run. You don’t appreciate what I do for you at all, do you?”

“I guess I can stay for another hour and work late.”

“I don’t need you to do me а favor. Maybe these weekly dates are not a good idea. I should call Cathy, she would be happy to get back with me. Now, run along.”

“Bye… See you next week?”

“At six, sharp. Where are you going without giving me a hug and a kiss? So impolite. Or scatterbrained. Don’t know which is worse.” “That’s better. That was a lovely kiss. Was it so hard? See, you can do it, if you only apply yourself. And look how pretty you are, despite the ugly top. Next week. No excuses. Bye now.”


And so she came back next week, and the week after, and the week after that, grasping for the rare scraps of love, praise and kindness.

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  1. Marie Rebelle

    This feels so wrong, but I understand that it’s what you intended with this piece of writing. I have known someone like this, who kept on going back for more, while most people couldn’t understand why she stayed in the relationship… it’s sad.

    Rebel xox

    1. Post
      Master's Musings

      Yeah, we all know someone like that, and often feel helpless when they don’t themselves that way. And sometimes we are like that ourselves, and get frustrated that other people don’t understand and try to interfere.

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