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‘How many ways can one write “He decisively thrust his engorged protrusion into her dewy cave” before it gets nauseatingly repetitive?’ I exclaimed, getting exasperated, throwing the imparting implement and watching it float away. “Darling, first, with six different verbs, nouns and adjectives to play with, and with about a dozen words for each, you …

Safety in Colors

A brush on my skin, cold wetness of fresh body paint, fading. A cover without a cover. Another caressing stroke. Colors turning into feelings. Sad blue. Fresh green of hope and dark green of envy, never too far apart. Vigilante red. Bruising purple. Enticing pink. Armor gray. Naked but not exposed. Safety in colors.


Ever fucked a fairy? A flirty little vixen, flapping and fluttering her naughty pink wings, fffrrrhhh-ffrrrhhh. Her arousal smelling like strawberries and tasting like passion fruit. Tickle the pinkie between her little legs with your pinkie. Watch her wings match your rhythm. Soon her eyes roll back and the flutter becomes buzzing, and then suddenly …